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Compare Firewood to other heating fuels

The Johannesburg Firewood Company are your 'turn to' people when the seasons start to change and the cooler evenings need some warming up. Not having to go out and find somewhere to buy firewood but rather having it delivered so you have it on hand is a convenience that has a few advantages, not least of which is staying indoors where its warm.

What makes firewood worth the price you pay?

  • Energy content - are you buying a soft or a hard wood? How long do you want your firewood to burn for? Soft woods will burn beautifully and fiercely but only for a short period, but a hard wood will produce a longer lasting flame, keeping you warmer for longer.
  • Location - Cities are becoming bigger, causing the wood sources to be further and further away from the market. Transport costs will have an impact on the price of firewood.
  • Piece size can also affect the cost of firewood, smaller bits and off cuts are generally cheaper because they are not as effective, their size causes them to burn out quickly. Often disregarded, these bits of wood are a good stepping stone between kindling and solid firewood.
  • The quantity purchased - Having to go out at night and track down some firewood will add unnecessarily to your vehicles fuel costs and you will probably end up paying more because the seller has a product which is in demand. Ordering a load of firewood and having it delivered to your home will save you time, money and a trip outside on a cold night.

Compare firewood to other fuels used for heating

CharcoalCharcoal in joburg
R10 /kg Charcoal burns quite quickly and has to continuously be fed Readily available and burns intensely for short periods

AnthraciteAnthracite in joburg
R6.00 /kg Burns longer than firewood but difficult to light Long burning
FirewoodFirewood in joburg

R4 /kg

(based on our price of R1000 per load)

Depending on the size of your logs a wood fire burns for a few hours with only occasional additions to the fuel.

Readily available renewable resource of heat.

A wood fire is social in its nature.

LP Gas (Butane)
Gas in joburg
R30.00 /kg
(R270 for 9kg in July 2022)
Gas burns rapidly Lights instantly, this is a benefit but can also be a danger if not managed carefully
Bio fuel  in joburg
R40.00 /kg Varied burn time but generally a fast burning fuel Is said to be eco friendly
Electricity in Joburg
Exceptionally Variable Dependant on availability Instantly available although this could be a costly benefit if not monitored.



If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your home, then you know that toasty evenings are possible and you don’t need to jump into bed early, just to keep warm. You do want your fire to burn for the better part of the evening, and in a manner that saves you having to keep putting logs in the fireplace. A hardwood fire will help you achieve this.


Order your bag of hardwood for your fire by calling us or place your order using our firewood order page.

When it comes to firewood, it is the density of the wood is one of the factors that will determine how long the wood burns and the intensity of the flame i.e., the heat it produces. Slower growing trees are inclined to be denser in their make-up and as a result provide hardwood, which is perfect for the fireplace.


Hardwood firewood, although a great addition towards keeping your home nice and snug is also the perfect type of wood in other instances. For example:

  • Hardwood Firewood for outdoor cooking and braai-ing allows you to have a more even heat from wood which doesn’t burn out too quickly. There is also less moisture or sap present in hardwood firewood meaning there will be less smoke to bother you or taint your food.

  • It is a bit of a guilty pleasure to have a wood burning stove for cooking on. Hardwood Firewood provides an even slow burning heat and won’t suddenly burn out or go cold. Because hardwood firewood is inclined to contain less resin and will slow down the process of carbon build-up and stickiness in your chimney.

  • Water heating devices that require wood, although not commonplace in South Africa would also fare better using hardwood firewood.

Which Hardwood Firewood varieties are readily available in Johannesburg?

Sekelbos – long burning with good coals

Black Wattle – invasive species, good for braais and fireplaces

Red Saligna – great for wood stoves and fireplaces

Each of these types of wood have their own benefits and uses. We explore them on our Firewood Types page.






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