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Firewood in Parktown and Parkview


parkview firewood


With more than just a few of the stately homes in Parktown having been designed by Sir Herbert Baker and so many more built at around the same time, this historic suburb without question is home to many a working fireplace. Many of which will be brought to life in the late autumn, just to ensure that everything is in working order and there is a sufficient supply of firewood for the coming winter.

The summers in Johannesburg are usually quite hot, and by the same token, winter temperatures can drop rather dramatically from one day to the next. Having a supply of firewood and a working, swept chimney will see you through the cold in much the same way the roaring fireplaces of the past did.


With Johannesburg expanding and evolving as it has over the last century, there are no longer any forests or woodlands in which any type of firewood can be collected. However, good quality Hardwood Firewood can be ordered online, or you can call us and arrange for a delivery of firewood to be made to your home, office, or place of business.


Both Parktown and Parkview have a vibrant social scene, with coffee shops and restaurants, which are great places to pop in for a coffee or a hot chocolate. And while you are warming yourself up from the inside, a toasty fireplace can help you to warm up fireplace. A hardwood firewood burns longer and with a consistently high heat, making your place the go to spot on a cold day.


The proximity of Parkview to Zoo Lake and surrounding open areas, including the Zoo means that the temperature will probably be a little colder than nearby suburbs.


Parkview consists of many homes which were built during an era where fire was the main source of heating, for cooking, heating water and general warmth. Thus, there are numerous fireplaces in Parkview, many still working and in need of a regular supply of firewood.


A hardwood fire in both these suburbs is the way to go because:


  • Hardwood firewood burns longer and hotter. Great for big spaces
  • Hardwood firewood by its very nature will smoke less than a softwood

  • Some fireplaces allow for a bit of cooking, a hardwood fire will help keep a consistent temperature (think rich oxtail stew or lamb shank with a glass of wine on a cold evening)



Parkview and Parktown fall within our delivery range, and we will be happy to deliver your load of firewood. All you need to do is order.





This page was last updated on 13 December 2022

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