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Firewood in Melville and Parkhurst


firewood melville

Central to both Parkhurst and Melville are their vibrant restaurant and social scene. Each of these suburbs has a main street in which there are a myriad of restaurants and coffee shops, all catering to a different taste and trend. But the trend that they all have in common, especially on cold winter nights is to keep warm. A load of firewood in an open fireplace will do the trick.


Parkhurst is a small densely populated suburb which had its beginnings in the first years of last century. Even there are none of the original residents left, the legacy of a wood fire remains. Many of the homes in Parkhurst have been modernized, this includes the fireplace. Not only was it a practical decision to keep the fireplace, but also an aesthetic one. All that is missing is a load of firewood.


You can order your firewood here.


Updating the old-fashioned wood burning stove or turning the existing fireplace with its built-in brick chimney into a design feature not only adds monetary value to the home but also a bit of warmth and personality. Although homes in Parkhurst were built on a less grand scale than the Herbert baker mansions in Parktown, they nevertheless still required heating by wood fire, something, which for many modern people has become a bit of an indulgence.


Ordering a load of firewood and stacking it up where it can stay dry and be easy to reach is pleasing to the eye as sitting around a hardwood fire in the fireplace is to the soul. For the most part hardwood is the best option for firewood and is what you will most commonly find. Softwood lights quickly and makes for large, mesmerising flames, perfect for a short evening outdoors and to help getting the hardwood fire going.


Melville, at a slightly higher altitude than Parkhurst, and bordered by open koppies is also inclined to get just a little colder. As with Parkhurst, Parktown, and Parkview, many of the homes have been revamped, but the fireplace, for various reasons has been kept.

The conserved spaces that border Melville are not suitable for collecting firewood. Placing an order for firewood and having it delivered is both practical, time saving and certainly easier on the body.


The social area of Melville is where the hip and the cool gather at night. Fireplaces in many of these establishments add to the ambience and are also a good way to save on the ever-escalating costs of warming a room up. A hardwood fire, built early in the evening will need minimal attention but offer up heat for many hours. A tweak or two to the menu and a delivery of firewood may just help reduce the costs of cooking.


Our firewood delivery area includes Parkhurst, Melville and surrounding areas. Place an order telephonically or online. We also offer firewood deliveries in Parkview and Parktown.

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