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Buying Firewood in Johannesburg

Johannesburg for all its technology still has many poeple who value the tradition and homeliness of a warm fireplace. Buying quality firewood is the first step to creating homeliness or even romance.

The closest many of us ever come to a good roaring fire is when we have a braai and gather with friends and family to cook or meal on the open fire. This is considered an art and is usually left to those with experience.

However in what appears to be a throwback to a time where the pace of life was less rushed more people are wanting a warm wood fire, which can only mean one thing: A cosy home this winter.

What kind of fireplace suits you

Whether the fireplace was part of the original structure and been out into use of late or whether an brand new fireplace has been installed, fire is becoming one of the more popular methods of heating a room or a home.

The traditional wood burning fireplace

Earlier and more traditional homes were all built with a fireplace, sometimes two; one in the kitchen for cooking and one in a main room for heating. As part of the original design these fireplaces were built with their specific purpose in mind and a chimney was built in to accommodate the smoke created by the burning of firewood.

These types of fireplaces were surrounded with a brick or stone border and the floor in front of the fireplace would usually be of a similar material, thus preventing sparks and flying as from causing damage and also being easy to clean.

Modern and freestanding fireplaces

A modern or free standing fireplace will usually be made from steel and have a fireproof glass door to prevent sparks and ash from damaging the surroundings. The floor surrounding the modern fireplace will be of a non-flammable nature and usually a substance that is easy to clean should any as from the burnt firewood be spilled

These fireplaces are often referred to as a wood-stove, mostly as a nod to their original purpose.

Whichever fireplace you have in your home, using the correct fuel is important, and in order to get the most out of your fire, a good quality well seasoned firewood is necessary.

What does the Joburg Firewood company deliver?

When you order your load of firewood to be delivered to your home be sure to let us know whether it is for your fireplace or your braai.

For the fireplace we will deliver a load of quality, seasoned Red Saligna and if you fancy yourself as a braai master we will deliver a load of sekelbos wood. If you are indeed a fan of the braai you are making a wise purchase.


Eco Friendly

Wood is a sustainable source of energy. We use predominantly solar power from Solarium Energy to power our office. Don't forget to return the plastic bags to us. Bags in good condition are reused and bags in bad condition are recycled.

Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer Bettle free Firewood

The Shot Borer Beetle is an invasive beetle that causes damage to Johannesburg's beautiful trees. We are constantly on the lookout for this beetle and we do not sell firewood with any traces of the beetle. To read more visit our Shot Borer Beetle page.


Visit our Blairgowrie and Linden firewood page for specials!


Bag of Firewood Bag of Kindling firewood Braai Sekelbos in Joburg
With each load of firewood we deliver a bag of kindling, making your fire making experience easier. Ask us about the Green Firelighters



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